Monday, May 30, 2011

I am not a blogger.

I find it supremely uncomfortable to be writing to an audience who might or might not be there. It would be strange to write something only I myself will read and feel rather ridiculous especially if I intended it for some kind of audience in particular. Well, I'm going to take a risk to my pride and blog this, telling myself that it is a monologue of sorts, since I do talk to myself in my head all the time :)

I thought I'd put some photos up from a cafe near where I live called greens. They have the loveliest white chocolate rasperry cheesecake I've ever had! I'm not a cheesecake person and if given the choice wouldn't have cheesecake compared to any other cake but this was really surprisingly good! not like cheesecake at all!

Oh another thing, I am a ranty person, so maybe a blog is a good ranty kind of space. I would like to say that it absolutely annoys me reading some people's blogs that try to sound completely personal but are in fact attempting to advertise something (an event, place, product, or one's own skills like writing, drawing etc). yes my blog is to showcase my work. I have no pretenses about that.. I kind of started it because I needed to have a blog to submit work to illustration Friday. There you have it. this was started out of purely commercial/business reasons. I am not trying to be personal. haha I know I am contradicting myself especially after posting this personal post about myself... well I just felt that I didn't really like my blog cos it didn't have a personality and felt rather cold, it is about me after all!

Anyway that whole bit above was mainly to say that I am not advertising green's cafe or white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

I feel like saying something about style and illustrators and the terrible war we have within ourselves (or at least myself) about this... but this post is already long so I'm going to stop :) It will have to come in the next post.

Keep drawing!

 I love this pepper sugar salt set!! I think they are like a family with different personalities but all get along anyway with the occasional squabble. 


  1. Don't worry you're not writing these blogs to no one, I read them! I remember when I started my first blog, I went through the same worries about whether people were actually reading it. Then I realised I actually found it quite enjoyable to write even if the the audience was ficticious. I've never tried a white chocolate cheesecke, but it does look rather tasty.

  2. thanks richie! hehe I just feel rather pretentious sometimes! remind me about your party ok! i have a terrible memory