Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Exhibition Work


Currently working on a series of works for my exhibition
which will be happeningcoming March!
The group exhibition is titled
'The End is the Beginning' because our group
has recently graduated and the end of our academic life
is only the beginning of a new and daunting adventure
into our creative lives.

My personal body of work I have chosen to title Wander.

This is the main character of my work..
I'm not sure what I'm going to call her yet..
I did a very loose sketch of a little girl with soulful eyes one
day when I was feeling depressed and confused about
what I wasgoing to do.. which happens quite alot apparently. haha.

This lost girl represents me.
Alot of us experience this at a certain time
in our lives (most especially artists I think).
Confusion over which direction to take, what road to follow,
what we are supposed to do with our lives.

The essence of my work is to be like a children's story.
My little lost girl wanders the world, discovering new and strange
places and characters. She carries a large handkerchief sack on her
back in which she carries all the things of the past with her,
her memories, experiences, regrets, and burdens.
She has yet to learn how to let go.

This pieces talks about the fear of failure, the end of the road,
looking down, and unexpected things that may
arise out of situations like this.
As you can see I haven't thought of any titles yet..
all the titles I come up with just seem to end up sounding cheesy...
Is it just me or doesanyone else have this problem too??

Here she has an encounter with a colourful seasnake.
I'm going to be doing 2 more underwater pieces kind of
like a story of her underwater experience.
This piece looks a lot better in real life...
scanners just never seem to capture white properly..
the little bits of white ink I've done for the highlights have all
disappeared together with the bubbles..


  1. I found your blog finally! It's lovely. I do love these images, I relate very well to the lost feeling. I love the concept.
    I know what you mean about titles too, it's so hard to be meaningful and not come off sounding cheesy.

  2. Hi Levene,

    My name is Pan Pan, I am a curatorial intern with the Brunswick Street Gallery and also a friend of Stan.

    I came across your work from the website of The End is the beginning exhibition and find your style rather distinctive. I was wondering if you would be interested to submit some of them or create new pieces for an exhibition with our gallery that is tentatively set to be in the beginning of September, 2011(26 Aug--8 Sept).

    The exhibition has an Asian folk art aesthetics focus, and titled "Folk art|Fine Art, Contemporary Art".

    The exhibition has been expanded from the original one-gallery space to two, and I am seeking artists to contribute to the second gallery space. If you are interested, do drop me an email with your email address and I could forward you more details about the exhibition concept and procedures.

    Thank you for your kind attention and I look forward to hearing from you!

    Pan Pan

    Brunswick Street Gallery
    322 Brunswick St
    Fitzroy, Vic 3065
    Hrs: 10am-10pm, Tuesday-Sunday

  3. Que ilustraciones tan más bonitas, muy creativas y originales, felicidades. Saludos

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments! Apologies for such a late response.. I am really bad with blogging, but am trying to get more regular with it!