Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hello World!

This is Me

Hello Everyone! I suppose that I should give a little introduction
about myself since this is my first online artblog.
Yes, this picture is a cartoonisation of myself. I did this a year ago
so now my hairstyle is a bit different, but It's about the same.
I'm a Singaporean currently studying in Melbourne.
I've graduated from Swinburne with a Degree in Design and currently
in my final year of Bachelor of Illustration in NMIT.

I love children's books and children's art and I have a passion in
drawing characters and coming up with stories for them.
My favoured mediums are digital and colour pencil but I'd like to
try out more brushwork as well.

I hope to become a children's book illustrator or anything that has
to do with design and lets me draw :)

Oh and I also make books! You can check them out here:

Haven't done much new books in a while but I will be starting again soon
and upgrading my designs and skills!
Yup that's about all about me that I figured would be the LEAST boring.

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